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New things are afoot here at All Paws Pet Talk! We are now on the air in Seattle and Phoenix, and of course you can listen to our shows anytime, anywhere, streaming 24/7 - see! If you have any questions, or story ideas, or guests you'd like to hear on the show, see the form below!

   The mission of All Paws Pet Talk is to reach our listeners and web visitors, directly and interactively and save the lives of homeless animals. Our goal is to assist the listeners in achieving their pet care objectives - thoughtfully and prudently - through education and ongoing communication.

   Through our interactive website and call in radio talk shows, All Paws Pet Talk is able to teach all levels of pet owners the technical skills needed for caring in today's world. Through these media, All Paws Pet Talk is able to provide the best medical and behavior advice available today. In order to get the best information available, All Paws Pet Talk has assembled the most respected animal expert minds in the country to provide the most current news and comprehensive advice available.

   Many listeners choose to listen to the various radio shows by going online and listening to the live Internet radio from

   The audience finds in our programs something they won't find anywhere else on pet talk radio, an education. This unique, educational aspect has helped to give All Paws Pet Talk an audience that is extremely devoted and loyal.

NEW! - Victoria Stilwell meets up with All Paws Pet Talk 1

NEW! - Victoria Stilwell meets up with All Paws Pet Talk 2

NEW! - Cesar Millan visit All Paws Pet Talk Radio!

All Paws Pet Talk Promo

Annie Greer with Sandra Stewart on the rare Dandy Dinmont Terrier

Annie Greer with Kim Kapes

Deborah Wolfe with Beth Edelman

Tim Link and Sheryl Matthys

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Dedicated to the memory of Judy Troiano, founder of All Paws Rescue - Massachusetts

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GAB 12 NOON Eastern
KRCN 1060 AM 1PM Mountain
Denver, Colorado
KLFE 1590 AM 12 NOON Pacific
Seattle, Washington
KFNX 1100 AM 2PM Mountain
Phoenix, Arizona


WUFC 1510 AM 6 AM Eastern
Boston, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire


BBS Radio 4PM Eastern every other week
BBS Radio 5PM Eastern


BBS Radio 3PM Eastern
LA Talk Radio 8PM Pacific


WPET Talk Radio 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
On Your Smart Phone: "WPET Talk Radio"


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